16 Jul 2012

usart problem 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

The main reason that minicom why serial programs we get errors is before you transmit or receive you should check the following conditions:

1. Baud rate 
2. Frequency

these two things should be same in the program and in the minicom if you are transmitting the program with the baud rate of 9600 and you have configured the baud rate of the minicom as the 115200 what do you think you will get output. You will get the junk values in the terminal . In order to get sync with the transmission you should make it 9600 in the hyperterminal. In detail i will should you my errors and how did i rectify them.

see the program which i have programmed has the baud rate of 9600 bits per second and i configured the terminal as the 115200 bits per second . So no sync in between both of them . So you get the following output.

usart junk value due mismatch sync

So in order to get your data as the data you are transmitting in the program if there is sync or have baud rate same then you get the transmission as below

 How to configure the baudrate in minicom

 open minicom using the minicom -s before you do this connect serial port with serial wire. And as i explained in previous post in detail here lets discuss how to change the baudrate

Assume previously you have the baudrate of 115200 and you need to change it to 9600 .
Now change the baudrate what you need.

 you press 'C' for 9600 baud rate and then press ESC now you will see your baud rate

You got your required baudrate so continue working with your application . 
And also make that hardware / software flow control : NO



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