1 Jan 2020


             Before we start lets say we are going to cover the topics in brief. But i promise you i will make it clear all the topics which i deal with . Before entering into the discussion we should know some of the terminologies in the microcontroller which we will be dealing with so lets learn some terminologies.

             1. Pin Diagram (atmega8)
             2. Block diagram (atmega8)
             3. Ports & Pins   which are I\O Ports
             4. System clock
             5. Interrupts
             6. Timers - 0 , 1 , 2
             7. Usart and their PROBLEMS
             8. SPI
             9. ADC
           11. Bootloader section
           12. FUSE bits and LOCK bits
           13. Compilation steps to burn hex file into the target microcontroller using a usbasp programmer .
           14. How a hex file is written in the microcontroller
            I do think i am just starter or learner everytime because this is wast subject like an ocean so try to learn as much as you can though you were good at  this there are so many things that should be taken care of so please this should be taken care of many things even a small mistake can cause huge losses in real life .

            Suppose lets consider the real time example where embedded systems are used . Lets say you are a racer and you have a race car think that it met with a accident during the race so as soon as accident occurs in order to protect you air ballon should come out as soon as possible with in the span of some microseconds or nanoseconds  so here you should take care of interrupts , ISR timing , clock speed etc in order to save you . Think it come after 1 min or 2 mins its no use right . Learn precisely what ever you learn in order to get accurate results.ok

             Lets start guys. We are all friends we are just going to have discussion thats it no teacher and student relationship in my premises.

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  1. andhra
    do you know how to, C program Or basic program...compile .hex file??

    i want to learn this...but i can't see in google
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